Little Feet Childcare Centre Limited

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              FEE POLICY

  • Upon completion of the Enrollment Agreement Form and a confirmation of your child’s place in the centre, you are required to pay one week’s BOND and one week’s FEE in advance.
  • All fees are to be paid one week in advance either cash, cheque or via automatic payment.
  • Bond is a security which we hold on your behalf and is refunded in full to you once your child leaves the centre provided all your fees are up to date.
  • All outstanding fees will be deducted from the bond money, once your child has left the centre.
  • Any outstanding fee owing to the centre which cannot be retrieved from the bond, will be passed on to the debt collection agency and all cost of debt recovery will be added to your accounts.
  • Fees include nappies and wipes for under 3 years. If your child is toilet training, parents are required to supply pull ups.

The account details for automatic payment are:

Name: Little Feet Childcare Centre Ltd

Account Number: 06-0401-0341797-00

Reference: Your child’s name eg Jasmine

Public Holiday: Full fee is payable for Public holidays (if they fall on a day on which your child is enrolled at the centre).

Family Holidays: If you take your child on holidays, you must give the centre two weeks’ notice. 50 % of the fee will be charged to keep your child’s space. Failure to inform us on time will result in full fees.

Sick leave: If your child is away sick on the day on which he /she is enrolled, full fees is applicable on those sick days.

Late Pickup Fee:  There is a late fee if your child is not picked up by the booked time. Late fee charges are as follows:

  • Any late pick up after your booked time, there will be an automatic charge of $10, plus an extra $1 per minute for the first 10 mins.
  • After 10 minutes of your booked time the charge will increase to $2.00 per minute.

Withdrawing your child from the centre:  If you wish to withdraw your child from the centre or change enrollment days you must provide us with two weeks’ notice. Failure to inform us on time will result in full fees for your child.

There will be no charges if the centre is closed on an official business day.