Certificated Teachers

Take into account the particular world view children in each age group

Play room

Classes allow to develop cognitive, physical and social skills in a playful way

Class programs

Develop memory, thinking and sensory abilities (color, shape, size, tactile sensation).

Many Sports

Sport helps the child develop cognitive, physical and social skills in a comfortable position for each child.


Psychological and organizational adaptation to school.

Custom Food

Every day we prepare food with lot of interest and provide a range of healthy and fresh food to our wonderful children

Taking care of your child is our top priority

What is Quality Child Care?

Broadly defined, the term childcare includes all types of education and care provided for young children. The term is also used more specifically for the supplemental care of children from birth to age eight years by persons other than parents. Childcare is used for a variety of reasons, and programs vary by the number and age of children, the reason care is used, the preparation and status of caregivers, and the location of the care.

There are some important things to look for that can help determine if a child care center or an in-home setting is a safe, nurturing, educational place for children. Here are some examples of important quality indicators:

  • The setting has low child to teacher ratios.
  • The setting has small group sizes.
  • Caregivers have formal education as well as ongoing training and mentoring in child development.
  • There is low turnover among staff and children have consistency in their caregivers.
  • There is a written curriculum based upon the ages and interests of each child.
  • The setting has an emergency preparedness plan and regularly holds drills.
  • Caregivers are trained in first aid, CPR, communicable disease and SIDS.

Brain Development

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Reduced Stress

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Everyone Benefits

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Physical Well-Being

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Social Development

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School Readiness

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