Child abuse is recognized as a significant social factor. Therefore, the centre has a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of all the children .The Management and staff of Little Feet Childcare Centre are committed to the prevention of child abuse and the protection of staff and children. This commitment means that the interests and welfare of the children are the prime considerations when any decision is made about suspected abuse.

The management is committed to ensuring staff are familiar with this policy and are aware of how to prevent, recognise and respond to abuse.

As part of their induction, all new staff will familiarise themselves with the policy and be required to read “Prevent Child Abuse” which was published by the Ministry of Education in 1993.

The management and staff will be aware of the professional agencies to contact in the case of suspected child abuse. The staff could contact Early, Public Health Nurse, or Parent line, for support or contact the Care and Protection division of the Child, Youth and Family Service. In a serious case, the management and staff involved may have contact with the Police.

Staffs are expected to become familiar with the Children, Young Persons and their Family Act, 1989 as explained on p 34 of the ‘Prevent Child Abuse’ Book, and other laws and regulations which protect children from child abuse.

Staff should not assume responsibility beyond their level of expertise and should contact a professional agency for support where necessary.

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