Little Feet Childcare centre is committed to the protection of children under their care from any accidental injuries.


  • To reduce the potential for injuries.
  • To ensure prompt, efficient and appropriate treatment is available to all children.
  • To ensure correct procedures are followed in the event of injury.

Injury Prevention Strategies:

  • Staff will take all reasonable steps to eliminate, minimise or isolate potential dangers from things such as toys in traffic ways, liquid spills, sharp objects etc.
  • All doors to adult access areas i.e. kitchen, laundry, entrance-exit ways, and resource rooms will be closed or locked at all times to ensure children do not have access to these areas.
  • All chemicals will be stored in marked containers and be kept out of the reach of children at all times. This will include cleaning agents.
  • Hot drinks will be consumed in staff only access areas and use a covered cup will be used while outside these areas.
  • Children will remain seated while eating or drinking and will be supervised by a staff member.
  • Children are not allowed to climb gates, sit on tables, or jump off furniture and chairs at all times.
  • Toddlers and infants should be buckled up while being seated on the high chair at all times.
  • Small toys which can cause a child to choke on should be kept out of reach of the children who are under the age of 3years at all times.
  • All children should be supervised while in the play area at all times and staff has to ensure that children use the slides in a correct and safe manner.
  • Resources provided for children will be non-toxic e.g paint, crayons.
  • Children to be supervised when using the bathroom and any water spills to be wiped off immediately to prevent any fall.

Child Injury/Accident

  • At any one time, there will be two staff/educators on duty with current first aid certificates.
  • The Centre Supervisor will ensure that details of all parent current contact numbers and at least one additional emergency contact are easily accessible and kept up to date monthly.
  • In case of any accident our priority will be to administer the first aid immediately by the witnessing staff member or person responsible, and to inform the Centre Supervisor.
  • The staff member who administers first aid is to record what happened, action taken and day and time in the accident register.
  • If necessary, the staff will contact parents and request them to take the child to their doctor.
  • For any accident, ensure that the parents are informed. Staff will inform the parents when their child is collected and ensure they sign the accident register.
  • If necessary, the Ambulance Service will be called. Parents will be contacted immediately, and depending on traffic or location, may arrange to meet ambulance at the hospital. If a parent is not present at the time of transfer, a staff member will travel and stay with the child while in hospital until parents arrive.
  • If any child is taken to hospital, the Manager must be informed immediately.