Food Preparation And Handling Procedure

Policy Objective

To inform and protect all relevant employees, persons working under non-employment relationship agreements, families and children who access the Centre of the correct policy requirements to follow in relation to the preparation and handling of food for children in the Centre.

Policy Statement

To provide a healthy, nutritious and varied menu for all children attending the centre.

To ensure the environment provided is positive, encouraging and facilitates a pleasant eating experience.

To ensure children are supervised while consuming food.

To provide activities and experiences both planned and spontaneous to ‘teach’ children about healthy foods, good hygiene practices and the diversity of foods, food preparation and consumption.

To ensure staff consultation with families regarding their children’s food preferences, daily nutritional requirements, medical considerations and safe food handling practices.

To ensure those individual children’s dietary requirements i.e. allergies/intolerances are provided for.

No nut products will be provided and nut products are not to be brought into the Centre.

Birthday cakes will be accepted, however, for health and food safety issues we would encourage birthday cakes with low sugar and no cream content to be brought.

Items such as chocolate, soft drink, cordial, sweet biscuits and snack foods are not Encouraged.

Food Safety Plan

  • The kitchen and equipment are clean; the kitchen is neat and orderly.
  • Green colour cloth should be used in the kitchen and food preparation area only. This will differentiate other colour cloths from being used in the kitchen.
  • Food items are received, checked and stored properly as soon as they are delivered.
  • Food is kept refrigerated or frozen except when being handled.
  • Food is covered for storage.
  • Food is cooked as soon as possible after defrosting.