Programme Supervisor checks all those children whose attendance has been advised to us are present. In the event that any of those children do not arrive at the OSCAR programme venues the staff person will contact the parents/caregivers to ascertain the child’s whereabouts.

Note: We cannot take responsibility for any child/ren who do not arrive at the OSCAR venues.


We use behaviour management techniques that encourage positive self-esteem development. It is our goal to ensure that children and families experience and environment where they feel safe, secure, respected and their dignity is protected. This is done through the use of positive reinforcement and a stimulated and varied programme to guard against boredom. Every effort will be made to help a child settle with the other children. We will bring any behaviour concerns to the attention of the parent/caregiver and work with them to remedy the behaviour. If a child’s behaviour does not improve after a period of time the parent/caregiver may be asked to remove him/her.


If a child becomes sick during a programme they will rest in a quiet place and the parent/caregiver will be contacted if necessary.


Our OSCAR programme operates in places that provide a safe and healthy environment, suitable for the care of children. At all times the wellbeing and safety of the children is paramount. Children are in view of staff at all times. Children are also informed of the boundaries that they are expected to stay within at all times.



A parent/caregiver is free to voice his/her concerns about any aspect of our OSCAR programme. Our process is open and non-threatening. In the first instance you can inform the Programme Staff. Alternatively you can inform the OSCAR Supervisor or the Manager of Little Feet Childcare Centre Ltd.


Parents /caregivers are to inform OSCAR staff if their children will not be attending when they are booked on to attend. All parents and caregivers are to ensure their children know where they are to be collected from outside their school. No children will be permitted to leave the programme with any other person other than those authorised on the enrolment form. We have a detailed Child Protection Policy, which includes the reporting of any suspected child abuse to Child Youth and Family Services. All OSCAR workers and support staff are child focused people who have had employment and experience in working with school aged children.


Staff /Child ratios 1:10 indoors 1: 8 outdoors

WINZ subsidies are available. When enrolling we ask you to pay one week in advance. If you would like to pay by automatic payment, please ask the Supervisor/Manager for an AP form. We are a private organisation so it is important that the fees are kept up-to-date!

To enrol your child Initial contact can be made by phone. An appointment will be made at your convenience for you to complete an enrolment for your child/ren.

Programme Timetable: Parents will be informed beforehand if there is a change to the current programme timetable.