We are passionate and committed to assist children to grow to be confident and socially competent members of the community who engage respectfully, honestly with enthusiasm and with confidence as they interact with others as they positively embrace the cultural diversity of experiences offered in life.

At Little Feet Childcare Centre Oscar Programmes we agree that the early years of a child is the most significant for a child’s development and that children learn best through play in an environment where they learn programmes that include both planned and spontaneous experiences that promotes children from all cultures, religions, backgrounds and all levels of ability where parents are confident of the provision of quality care, consistent with family ideals and without bias toward religious or cultural preferences.

We believe that teaching is from the heart and all children including children with special needs are cared for in a safe, secure, stimulating and challenging environment in an atmosphere conducive to the development of healthy and happy children.

At Little Feet Childcare Centre Oscar Programmes we develop and maintain opportunities for professional and personal developments of the staff and we believe that quality development and education is best achieved through a team approach to achieve common goals and objectives.