Supervision Plan

  • The management will ensure adequate staffs are present at all times to meet or better our licensing requirements, and to adequately supervise all children in attendance.
  • Staff will be rostered to ensure the under 2’s area, outdoor playground, activity rooms and toileting areas have staff rostered to adequately supervise children in these areas at all times as required, to meet the needs of the children and promote their wellbeing, health and safety.
  • The Educators, adults visiting or working in this service, are well supervised and visible in the activities they perform with children. This includes having adequate internal windows and an open door policy for spaces where caretaking and personal hygiene of children is required.
  • Breaks for educators will be scheduled to enable proper supervision of children. Extra teachers will be rostered to cover staff breaks.
  • Educators involved in supervision must not leave their children unsupervised under any circumstances.