Administering Medicines Procedure

  • It is the policy of Little Feet Childcare Centre that staffs take each and every reasonable step to ensure that correct medicine and medication is given to children.
  • On arrival at the centre, all medication must be put either in the fridge or in the cupboard and staff advised. The amount, date, time to be given and type of medicine must be written into the medication register and signed by the parent.
  • Only medication authorised by parents will be given to children. All prescribed medication should have a chemist label attached to the bottle with the child’s name, date, and doctor’s name, amount of medicine to be given and the length of time the medicine is to be given. The only exception is Paracetamol or cough mixture. No medicine will be given if it has been prescribed to another member of the family or it is an out dated /expired medicine.
  • Only trained educators will administer medicines to children. One educator will measure medicine and a second educator will check all details are correct (e.g. correct medicine for correct child, dosage, time etc.). Both educators will sign the medicine register.
  • A parent must fill the medicine register correctly; failure to fill the register, staff member will contact the parents to confirm details before administering the medication. It would be encouraged to get the instructions in email if possible so that our records are kept up to date.
  • The parent must sign the register at the end of the day when picking their child up.
  • If a parent requests medication to be given to their child during the day via phone (for whatever reason), the educator will fill out the medicine register, get it checked by another educator who will also sign the register, and the parent must sign the register giving permission for medicine to be administered at the end of the day. Again instructions in the email would be requested.