Children with Special Needs Policy

Early childhood has been defined as a period of life between 0 to 8 years of age. This is the period of greatest growth and development, when the brain develops most rapidly, almost at its fullest. It is a period when walking, talking, self-esteem, vision of the world and moral foundations are established.

  • This policy is designed to include and be appropriate for all special needs children. The programmes will in co-operate strategies to fully include children with special needs.
  • The Licensee must be informed of any enrolment that relates to children with special needs.
  • The Supervisor must inform the staff with all the necessary information prior to the starting date of the child/children.
  • The Supervisor shall seek support from the families in supporting of the child regardless.
  • Educators must work together and co-operate with the support person to develop goals and objectives within the Centre programme to help cater for the needs and provide activities that are appropriate for the children’s age and stage of development so that children with special needs can be actively engaged in learning.
  • Educators and support persons will plan and develop IDP( Individual Development Plan) for those children that require alternative resources compared to those provided within the Early Childhood Centres.
  • The objectives of the IDP will be realistic, useful and of value to the child and their family.
  • The programme will meet the specified objectives of the plan and will provide the resources and equipment necessary to promote the child’s independence and privacy.
  • Educators must implement strategies of non- discrimination and teach children on how to respect, help and support children with special needs within the parameter of their environment.